Angora Mohair Tube Collar - Mink
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The ultimate trans-seasonal and winter accessory made from the softest, superior quality angora mohair.

Worn around the neck, like a snood or pulled over the shoulders for a more glamorous look, this accessory item is both practical and stylish. The tube shape of the mohair creates a flattering silhouette while simultaneously keeping you warm.

 This award winning mohair is created from start to finish by rural women in Africa.

Angora goats roam on the wide open plains of the dry Karoo in South Africa, the largest producers of fine quality Mohair in the world. The rural ladies shear the goats, spin the yarn and thereafter hand-dye the yarn. The knitting and crochet is performed by skilled ladies from the farming area - thus offering a sustainable income to a large community of rural ladies and their families.

The goats are shorn twice a year and are not harmed in any way, this enables the mohair to be classed as organic and adds to its texture and lustre.
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