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Product Code: Tayrona Bag - PIRAGUA

Handmade in Colombia

A luxurious & stylish bag, handcrafted by the Wayuu Indigenous Wayuu women of Colombia. Perfect for a casual stroll and versatile enough to carry your essentials for daily trips

  • Each Tayrona Bag can take up to 14 days to complete and each is handcrafted from 100% Colombian acrylic thread.
  • The weaving process of the Tayrona Bag is an ancient technique passed down for centuries through generations.
  • Tayrona Bags are ethically sourced and aim to preserve the Wayuu culture & way of life.


100% Colombian Acrylic thread
Care: Hand washable
*Please note as all Tayrona bags are handmade, patterns & colours may vary*


One size;  Height: 25-29cm  Width: 21-23cm
*Please note as all Tayrona Bags are handmade, each bag dimension may vary slightly*

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